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Black Friday Motorcycle Deals and Ideas

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The Quick Wizz:
These motorcycle gift ideas for 2020 are field tested and abused by our WizzWare riders and live up to our high standards.

Black Friday motorcycle deals on WizzWare is intended to give you good gift ideas for the 2020 Christmas and holiday season. No matter if you are a motorcycle rider looking to add a few items to your arsenal, add some key gear to your Christmas list, or are someone looking to get something special for the rider in your life, WizzWare has you covered. All our gift ideas are field tested by WizzWare riders to save you time and hassle in your product selection. We hope you find this list helpful, Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Oxford T50 Roll Bag Black/Hi-Viz

The Oxford T50 Roll Bag in Hi-Viz is a perfect tail bag for the back of a bike. One of the questions you will be asking yourself when you go to purchase a dry tail bag is, "How big of a bag do I need?" You do not want one that is too small or one that is too big. This bag is unique in the fact that it was 10 liters bigger than the typical 40 liter dry bag, so it gave me just that much more room that made it just right. Construction and waterproofing are a 10, and on my 10 day trip the bag performed flawlessly.

Manufacturers Part Number: OL981

Places to shop for the Oxford T50 Roll Bag Black/Hi-Viz: Amazon | Revzilla | Cycle Gear

Ram Mounts - Grip X with Tough Claw Mount

The Ram Mounts Grip X with Tough Claw Mount is a great and easy way to attach a cell phone to your motorcycle's handlebars. With the Tough Claw Mount you can attach the Ram Mount in seconds without any tools and take it off just as fast. Wind, triple digit speeds and 3,000+ miles only increased my confidence in this particular phone mount to the point that I did not even use the safety tether. The X-Mount for large phones fit my iPhone+ with a protective case without any problems and allowed for easy adjustments while riding.

Manufacturers Part Number: RAM-HOL-UN10-400U

Places to shop for the Ram Mounts Grip X with Tough Claw Mount: Amazon | Revzilla | Dennis Kirk | Cycle Gear

USB to Battery Connector by Battery Tender

The Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger is a great option for those that do not have a USB connector on their motorcycle. The Battery Tender USB connector plugs directly into the winter tender connection, giving you a super easy way to charge your electronics while you are out on the road or stopped for the night at a location without electricity. This is a direct plug-n-play adapter and does not require any set up time. This is a definite must for touring because it gives you the option to charge if you need to.

Manufacturer Part Number: 081-0158

Places to shop for the Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger: Amazon | Revzilla | Dennis Kirk | Cycle Gear

Motorcycle Disk Brake Lock

When looking for a little extra theft protection on your motorcycle, weather it is for touring, work or home, the Jacool motorcycle disk brake lock works great. There are tons of these locks on the market, some costing over $100, so I tested the theory that an inexpensive one would perform as expected, so I selected the Jacool disk brake lock. This lock performed perfectly on my trips, with an alarm that would go off if the bike was moved or if the handlebars were played with. Once the lock was in place, there was no way anyone was getting it off. The lock also experienced wet conditions and I did not experience any false alarms. The alarm volume is adequate for such a small device and definitely a deterrent for someone messing with your bike. This is a great compact device for adding quick security to your motorcycle.

Manufacturer Part Number: jacool JL-001

Places to shop for the Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger: Amazon | eBay

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

Forget all those ooey, gooey sticky chain lubes that attract dirt, fly off and get all over your beautiful bike. The DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver is the best chain lube I have ever used. It is a Teflon based wax, so it goes on clean and dries quickly and does not attach dirt. A clean chain and surrounding area increase chain and sprocket longevity and performance. I will never use any other type of chain lube. When switching from the petroleum chain lubes, check out the DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser and Tirox 360 Degree Brush, they will get your chain nice and clean for the application of the Teflon Chain-Saver.

Manufacturer Part Number: CS0116601

Places to shop for the DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant: Amazon | eBay

DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser

So you have been using a petroleum based chain lube and it has flung all over the place and attracted tons of dirt to your chain, how do you clean it? The DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser is perfect and works very well in getting off that old dirty junk from your chain. As with any cleaner, keep it away from your aesthetic plastic, but this cleaner works great on chains, chain guards, and sprockets. This DuPont Degreaser goes perfectly with the Tirox 360 degree Brush, and then add the DuPont Teflon Chain Saver and your future maintenance will be much easier.

Manufacturer Part Number: M00116601

Places to shop for the DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser: Amazon | eBay

Tirox 360 degree Brush for Chain

One of the best ways to clean a chain is with the the Tirox 360 degree Brush for Chain. Cleaning old petroleum based chain lubes off your chain is messy and tedious, but the 360 degree brush makes it much easier, speeds up the process and will help you do a top notch job. Just spin the brush onto your chain and you can go up and down with multiple cleaning strokes in seconds. This brush goes perfectly with the DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser. Then use the DuPont Teflon Chain Saver so your future chain maintenance is much easier.

Manufacturer Part Number: 80354

Places to shop for the Tirox 360 degree Brush for Chain: Amazon | Revzilla | Cycle Gear

ACDelco ARM601-4 1/2" Digital Torque Wrench

You are looking at the Holy Grail of tools. A digital torque wrench for the weekend garage master and professional mechanic is a must for torqueing down those bolts to their factory specification. If you have ever had to go back and redo a leaky oil pan or stripped a bolt because you ignored torque specifications then you know exactly what I mean. The ACDelco ARM601-41/2 Digital Torque Wrench is an excellent tool that you will have for years. It goes from 4 to 99 foot pounds of torque, with the caveat that it only alarms for torque values from 10 to 99 foot pounds, but you just watch the meter for anything between 4 and 10 foot pounds. We found ourselves using this tool all the time from putting derby covers back on to making sure the front wheel and brakes were perfect factory specifications. It is one of the most prized tools in our shop.

Manufacturer Part Number: ARM601-4

Places to shop for the ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench: Amazon | Summit Racing

Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net

One nice thing about touring is that you can sleep outside, and without all the light pollution the stars shine super bright and spotting shooting start is super easy. The one thing to remember when looking for a double hammock is to make sure you get one with a mosquito net, otherwise you have the potential of being hounded all night long by those pesky little buggers. What we love about hammocks is that they are compact, easy to set up, and most importantly, pack back up. We found the double hammock comfortable and the mosquito netting very important. If you are planning a trip with camping and trees then this is a great option that lets you enjoy the stars all night long.

Manufacturer Part Number: NA

Places to shop for the Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net: Amazon